Composed by
Danny Pelfrey


Published by


1) Star Trek Voyager Elite Force - Theme
2) Sword of Heroes - Main Title
3) Star Trek Armada II - Klingon
4) Star Trek Away Team - Intro Movie
5) G Savior - Intro Movie
6) Star Trek Voyager Elite Force - Attack
7) Dark Reign II - Intro Movie
8) Star Trek Voyager Elite Force - Briefing
9) Star Trek Armada II - Romulan
10) Sword of Heroes - Running 1
11) Armageddon - Battle
12) Star Trek Away Team - Mission 7
13) Star Trek Armada II - Klingon
14) Sword of Heroes - Win


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Review by
Oliver Ittensohn

Star Trek: Selected Titles

If you’ve played any of Activision’s very successful Star Trek titles, you’re already familiar with some of composer Danny Pelfrey’s music. He’s scored quite a lot of these Star Trek games including Elite Force, Star Fleet Command III, Armada, Away Team and Bridge Commander. Selections from some of these scores are featured on Pelfrey’s compilation disc called Star Trek: Selected Titles. But the album features some of his other game scores as well, among them Sword of Heroes or Dark Reign II.

The biggest portion of the album consist of his Star Trek scores and the main theme from the action game Star Trek Voyage Elite Force opens up the disc. It’s a great theme that ties very well into the sound of the original Star Trek movie scores. There are two more cues from Elite Force on the disc: “Star Trek Voyage Elite Force – Attack” offers percussive and rhythmic action while “Star Trek Voyager Elite Force – Briefing” starts more ambient and quiet before bursting into an aggressive march. The strategy game Star Trek: Armada II demanded a lot of background music and both the Romulan and Klingon themes are featured on the album, the latter in two different arrangements. The stealth action game Star Trek Away Team is also presented on the album. “Star Trek Away Team – Intro Movie” combines choir with strings and percussion to a striking overture and “Star Trek Away Team – Mission 7” introduces Pelfrey’s atmospheric background scoring.

The title Sword of Heroes has a very religious sound to it with choir performing church music. It’s actually one of the most developed choir pieces I’ve heard in game music so far. Especially “Sword of Heroes – Running 1” is an excellent choir piece with German lyrics (“Freuet euch in Christus’ Namen” which translates to “Rejoice in the name of Christ”). All the pieces are accompanied by church instruments such as an organ or harpsichord.

G Savior, Armageddon and Dark Reign II are represented by one track each and serve as further examples of Pelfrey’s game music.

All of the featured game titles are from 2000 or older which means that the quality of the synthesizer is rather weak. This isn’t Pelfrey’s fault though because the sound was standard at the time and synthesizers have really improved over the last two years. All the compositions are done with great skill and musical talent. The Star Trek Elite Force theme is particularly memorable.

Because it is a compilation disc, you can’t really judge how Pelfrey handles full scores but these selections already give a good idea of how professionally composed and arranged his works are. And with three new Star Trek games coming out in the near future, we can only hope that Pelfrey gets to score them with a real orchestra or at least with a stronger synthesizer for then nothing will stand in the way of excellent Pelfrey game music in the future.